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new guy - Canada

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Greetings. I'm going to get a MP9 next week. ( just waiting on the fu&@%ing paper work ) Anyone else form up here knows what I'm talking about. Great board. I have been shooting for about 5 yrs for fun and before that I was in the Armed Forces for 4 yrs.
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welcome, im waiting on my shipment to a local ffl and then the 10 days..

former marine here..
Welcome to the forum. Grew up in California so I know your pain on the paperwork then the long wait.
Targetsup: I quess you also know the pain of only using 10 round mags. :roll:
Hi from another in the big T.O. Waiting on my ATT, bought a .40S&W a couple of weeks ago.
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Believe me I know the pain. (I live in NJ, one of the toughest gun control states)

I think the anticipation of knowing you will get your paper work soon is the worse feeling. You begin to eyeball the mailman and constantly check the caller ID, for calls missed during the day. (at least that what I do...) :oops:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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