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new guy checkin in

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Just stopped in to say hello from S. Louisiana

D Miculek
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dmiculek said:
Just stopped in to say hello from S. Louisiana

D Miculek

Hello and welcome to you!! I'm from Oklahoma, and looking forward to hearing from you.
Are you Jerry's cousin?

Sorry I had to ask :roll:

got it out of my system now... Welcome to the forum.
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I'm also new here and thought I would say hello to another newb
Welcome, I'm new here also, about a week now. I think you'll find this an interesting forum.
Hello to S. Louisiana, and welcome to the forum.
Hey, welcome. Grew up in South Louisiana in the Houma area... Moved here to Texas in 1996. Where in Louisiana are U at?

I am in the LaPlace area. Worked quite a bit in the Houma area. What part Texas u in? Lots of family in the southeast.
New member from Western N.Y. Like to say hello to all and have been reading the M&P forum as a guest for sometime and am impressed with the help and honest opinions.
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Welcome, TMan. Western New Yorkers have got to be the toughest people in the world to live with all that snow.
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