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New here and pics of my M&P

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Hey just stumbled on the site and just wanted to say hi.

I bought my 40 about 3 months ago and fired about 600 rounds out of it.

Below is a pic with my P3-AT in a Bladetech holster

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Great Pix!

If you have time write up a range report of what you think of the M&P.

Everyone's opinion is important.

Like the Holster
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nice setup, I to have a bladetech for my M&P...

Guessing your a southpaw?
I haven't been able to find many holsters online. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Great looking steup you have there!
bladetech is worth the wait and money, they don't have the site updated yet, but if you call, they'll hook you up!
blade tech's site has had the M&P on it for a while. At least for the made to order stuff. It's in the drop-down box for the make/model of gun.

Anyway, how long was the wait for a blade-tech. i've had my order in for 6 weeks now. Last holster i got form them was over 8 weeks.

Good product, but the wait is pretty annoying, and as far as I can tell their 5 week warning should be updated to at least 6 if not more.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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