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New here

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Ok Ok, I joined. What number am I?

No M&P yet.

Close though. Made several offers on .40s at the gun show (got another show this weekend). Low price was $529. Nah, not for a service-sized 40. Ill wait for the 9mm (should be soon). My CCW gun is a 3914, and I would rather not mix up too many calibers (better for SHTF and for my wallet).

Also, had an M&P-15 in my hands and almost brought that home. Seller didnt know what he had. $935 in a [cheap] case with a mag. Other dealers were selling them for $100 more (minimum). In the end though, I built my own, in the configuration I wanted, using Rock River parts (reported to be the same manufacturer as the M&P-15), and saved some money (which Ill need for S&W's high M&P markup).

Ok, lets get this goining. All the articles Ive read (and I figure most were actually written in the fall/winter) say that the 9mm - and the compact versions- should be out by now. Of course, we all know the S&W is way behind on that timeline. I wonder what problems they are having? They should also be further along on their LE sales. They (S&W) did hire the two top marketing guys from Glock. Havent heard too much from them either.

It is fun though, to go back through old (fall '05) forum posts (like on THR), and read all the buzz on this gun. Funny how everyone posted that this gun would be the next big, especially since it would be sold for $350~$425.

On another note, I wished the M&P graphic (picture) didnt display on every single page (or at all). I already know what the gun looks like, and it makes surfing at work a bit sketchy (dont like avitars either). In the mean time, Ill see if I can just block pictures from this site.

Oh, did I come off as negative?


Looking forward to my M&P (April?).
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Welcome to the forum. l talked to a friend at S&W last week and he said the 9 mm M&P should start shipping the first week of April.

Ill keep and eye out, and report here first.

Apparently, I can post as a guest.

Go figure.
tell ya what, you come up with a better graphic, I'll use it.. I'm not a designer, though, just a lowly machinest.
Im not busting on the graphic, I just wish it wasnt on every page (its even on this reply page).

Ive got a big screen here at work - and not at a very "private" location. I should be modeling trucks and such, not flashing guns to everyone walking by.

How about using the "M&P" graphic instead.
I don't have much control on the graphic on each page, but the overall pic I can change...

in your profile you can choose not to view avitars.

make a graphic up you like and I'll throw it up. (more work friendly)

I know what you mean, but at work they know I'm a gun nut.
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