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New in FL

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Hey all, I'm Tim in Pensacola, FL. Put half down on a new .40 last week and gone get it next friday! I'm highly looking forward to it.

I'm originally from MI, moved here and hope to move back up north soon! Too hot for me! I'm actually planning on a move to MN sometime next year.

I work in Private Security, in FL you can only carry .38 or 9mm in security, BUT up north they don't have a silly rule like that so that's why the .40
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Yup! Gotta love a state that allows open carry!
101Combat Vet said:
[quote name='stillamarine']Yup! Gotta love a state that allows open carry!
got any idea where???

check out this site about carrying in the good ole land of 10,000 lakes

lots of good local mn info there[/quote]

Thanks for the link! I'm going to be going to the Twin Cities area. I have a couple buddies up there.
SuperRR said:
Hey partner. You know you love the sunshine state

I'm over here in Tallahassee.

Florida is ok, I have family here and can't beat the beach. But this heat is killer!

Another major factor for me, is while FL is luckily one of those states that does license Security Officers, it is extremely backwards in some of the restrictions placed on them.

Until last year, SOs were only allowed to carry .38 or a .357 with .38 rounds. The Armed class is 28 hours, not a long time but not too bad, BUT the state says that no more than

8 of those hours can be on the range.

State says we can arrest for Felonies or Breach of Peace just as any private citizen can.

Then tells us that we can only use force in defense of life or great bodily harm. Here's a clue, detaining someone by handcuffing them? That's do I do my job?? "Excuse me, please don't leave, the Police will be right here."

Nope I'll go to a state that lets me do my job.
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SuperRR said:
I know what you mean about the heat, I just got back from camping in St. Joseph SP in a tent with 111 degree heat index

What exactly is a security Officer? are we talking about someone who sits in the buildings over night? It doesn't sound like you are getting much more options than a regular civilian. Kind of like our friends in the armored trucks.

LOL Security Officer is the prefered term for Security Guards, lol. Like a Sanitation Engineer, instead of the trash man.

A lot of us do a lot more than just sit in a building over night. Right now I work at a Level 2 Trauma Hospital, needless to say we see a lot of business. Security Officers are protecting some of our most important infrastructure even in this great state. (All of Tampa Electric Companies facilities are guarded by a private security company, as is many of the port facilities, I can also name off 3 military bases here in the panhandle protected by private security officers).

I apoligize for the rant. As you can see, I'm one of those people that love what I do. I am by NO means a Rent-a-cop (imho you have to BE a cop to be rented as one
), nor am a Wannabee Cop, I started in this industry 6 years ago, when I was a Deputy Sheriff up north. Up there you didn't get all the extra details they have here so I started doing it for the extra money (was working on my second exwife at the time!).

So anyways....back to your regularly scheduled post!
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