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New leather for M&P

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Desantis Speed Scabbard with dual cant. Thread the belt through the upper front slot and you'd get a severe forward cant, I didn't measure the angle but I'd estimate it to be more than 15 degree. Thread the belt through the lower slot gives you a slight forward cant, somewhere between 5 and 10 degrees. The screw lets you adjust the tension of retention, hey that rhymed
. I backed it out all the way and applied some of Rusty Sherrick's Hyde Glyde generously all over the inside the the holster, not the gun slides right out, almost like kydex.

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I got one till my customs start to come in. Hides well, draws fast, holds perfectly. I like it.

The link to this holster is here

Choose auto pistols then the model.
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I used that link but did not see anything for the M&P
You won't see one for the M&P on their website. You need to call them.
You have to go to the page for the MP pistol, then click on "Related Items", that takes you to the right page, here's the correct link:
My mistake... Im an idiot at times. :oops:
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