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New M&P 40 C owner

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Hi, my name is Jay and its been 17 hours since i bought my last gun.
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Welcome to the site...
Tsquare said:
Hi, my name is Jay and its been 17 hours since i bought my last gun.

17 hours? I vote for an immediate ban.

Welcome to the site, Jay! Whatcha get? 8)

Edited to add: I'm an idiot, and I can't read.
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Welcome to the site!!!!
Welcome to the site Jay; I must say I would definately be joining your support group...except for that whole having enough money to support my habbit thing.
Thanks all. I really like this site. I am now on the great holster search for the perfect holster for the new carry/off-duty gun. I am leaning towards the Comp-Tac 2 oclock. It is a new appendix carry holster that is tuckable. I have always had great luck with Comp-Tac and their customer service is awesome! I am going to try something new this time, I have many of the C.T.A.C. versions and they are all great, just want something a little smaller, and Comp-Tac always has them in stock ready to ship too. I will post pics and review of the new holster once I get whatever I decide to get.
Welcome to the family Jay and enjoy 8)
Welcome aboard... glad to see a traveling man join the site.
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