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I tried to wait till the 45 came out but got tired of reading about the M&P, so went and bought me a 40c today--will shoot this weekend.

Here are some quick comparison measurements between a G19 and MP 40c (med grip insert). Eventually I will strip the 19 and MP completely down and post pictures of every part for comparison.

From reading I really thought SW had/have something that could take Glock down a notch or two, and it should make them sit up and notice, but I'm not rushing out to sell my Glocks just yet.

Things that first jumped out at me:

- Glock field stripping was easier

- SW should have designed sear disconnect lever so it could be reached with a finger--I think it is a good idea I just wish a finger could get in there and work it...

- Extractor on the MP is huge compared to G19

- ********After putting MP back together and cycling the slide the striker did not appear cocked, I had to insert a mag to get the sear/trigger bar to reset. Well, I must read instructions better--you must reset the sear disconnect lever after putting gun back together...

- MP feels darn good in the hand

- Slide wider on MP, wonder if the gun was designed for the 40 first?

- Never thought I would like the takedown lever on a Glock, MHO is it is better than the MP and make the gun look "cleaner"

- Wish they had beveled mag well a bit more and then beveled mag floor plates so they would sort of go up "into" the mag wells like Glocks do--don't like the non-parallel line between the mag and bottom of mag well--I'm picky on the looks of a gun I know...

Now to find the cheapest ammo possible for a ring out...

**first number is MP and second number is G19--couldn't figure out how to get the data in a table format???

Quick Comparison--19 Feb 2007 SW MP SW MP Glock19

Slide Width 1.080" wider 1.007"

- taken at rear and forward end of slide

Slide Height1 .860" taller .845"

- taken at rear and forward end of slide

Slide Height2 1.295" taller 1.215"

- taken just forward of front sight

Gun Height1 1.535" taller 1.475"

- just forward of trigger guard

Gun Height2 4.300" shorter 4.570"

- just forward of trigger guard

Receiver Rail Length 4.215" shorter 4.495”

Receiver Rail Width Rear .900" equal .900”

Receiver Rail Width Front .900" narrower .902”

- taken at center of rail

- front rails of MP seem to be narrower at front and rear which means which might mean engineers wanted slide to bear on center of front rails...

Barrel Chamber Width .595" narrower .600"

- taken center of exterior chamber

Grip “Front” Wall Thickness 0.245" thicker .150”

- at Magazine Will Opening

Grip “Side” Wall Thickness 0.125" thicker .105”

- at mgazine well opening

Grip Width hard to measure MP… 1.150" ??? 1.150"

Parallel Aesthetics of Receiver Dust Cover

- layed a straight edge along top of receiver next to rails

- either this is a very good engineering design for reliability or the molds where made a degree off..

-- MP: not parallel from where receiver narrows

-- G19: parallel front to rear

Trigger Distance 2.610" shoter 2.800"

- firearm cocked

- measurement from rear of backstrap to front of trigger
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