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Local shop had one for $479.99, with 2-mags, case, and they threw in a Bianchi Accumold holster. Good deal, I think.

My version does not have the integral lock but did come with the mag-disconnect safety (bad). That was all they had in stock, and I knew it could be disabled so I bought anyway.

I broke the gun down, inspected, cleaned and lubricated. Seems to be a well-thought out, logical system. Internal machining and fit and finish on my gun are excellent, no rough marks and the finish is matte-black stainless.

Initial impressions dry firing are that the trigger has a bit of a rough takeup, clean, moderately heavy pull (mine measured just about 6.75lbs), and a somewhat long reset (but not terrible). Needs work, but serviceable for HD or govt. work. Sights are Novak lo-mount, and are clear and bright, bore line is low and the gun sits very comfortably in the hand with the beavertail.

Once clean, I took it to the range and ran a mix of Win White Box, Federal 124gr. FMJ's, Aguila IQ's, Gold Dot and Hornady +P+. Total shot the first session was 330 rounds without failure. All shot at a distance of 25 yards onto 8" steel plates. Had no signifigant shift in POI, most hitting dead center. Recoil is VERY mild, gun stays down even with hot loads - VERY nice. Comes back on target quickly and easily, and the 17+1 mags seem to last and last.....quite a change from my 8round 1911 mags.

The only negative from the first session was that the slide-release (mine being the newer style that is NOT recessed into the frame), was EXTREMELY hard to release....took two hands and a great deal of effort to drop the slide on a loaded mag. I've heard people say a loaded mag will automatically release the slide on a reload, my gun does not do this. The slide release notch seemed to be cut at a reverse angle, and this explains the near-impossible thumb-only release of it.

After initial range session, I cleaned and disassembled, and while broken down decided to change the 3 things I dislike - mag safety, slide release and trigger pull.

Thanks to Burwell's generous and super-easy instructions on the M&P, I had a guide for 2 of the 3 tasks. Links:

The mag-disconnect safety took all of 5 minutes to remove, and the trigger job took about an hour as I went slowly and re-checked as I went. I went conservative and still managed to really improve reset and takeup, and halved the trigger pull down to just over 4lbs and it breaks very crisply and smoothly.

While disassembled, I also improved the notch angle on the slide and improved the slide-release so one thumb can easily release on a reload.

I took the gun back out to the range and function tested shooting 100 rounds of WWB without incident. The improved trigger made a HUGE difference keeping on target, and the gun now feels slick and fast.

Overall, I am very impressed with the gun. While mine had a few small issues, they are very very easily remedied with an Arkansas stone and little effort. The ergonomics are superb, the gun points and shoots naturally and accuracy is very good. It seems to run on everything so far, and it appears to be a well-made piece of hardware.

I have always wanted a Glock, but cannot get used to the angle nor the blocky frames, and this gun fixes both while maintaining everything good about the of all it seems to be very easily tinkered with and improved (like the Glock), and seeing how many dept.'s are interested in it I think Smith hit one out of the park with this gun.

Must have been reset after the move. Buckshot

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I, too, picked up an M&P 9 last week. After an initial couple of boxes, I decided the mag disconnect had to go. I'm thinking of using it in USPSA production, once it is approved, and I need to be able to dry fire it after clearing on each stage.

The instructions were very clear, and the process only took about 10 minutes. I only removed the rear pin, and didn't have any trouble. I had some old revolver trigger reset springs that worked to hold the sear lever in place, and the gun now functions flawlessly.

I noticed that the trigger seems to feel a bit lighter after this work, and can't really understand why. I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, though. I now have just over 1000 rounds through the gun, and couldn't be more happy with it. It is accurate, has minimal felt recoil, is extremely quick for followup shots, and fits my hand better than my glocks. What's not to love?
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