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I am a new M&P Compact 9mm owner. I actually found this site after I made the purchase on this past Friday. I did a somewhat lengthy review for my first dedicated 9mm CCW pistol (see below). I live in SW Ohio, post on ar15 dot com and plan to really get up to speed on my new M&P. I think its a great blend of the functionality and value of the Glock 19 as well as some higher end pistols like the H&K's and Sig's. I plan to do a lot of surfing and interactions on here, esp looking for a CCW/IWB holster as well as a comfy OWB holster for the range, etc.



A brief description regarding my new M&P purchase below:

First of all, that's for all of the great responses. I've really come to enjoy reading the content on HKPRO dot com, sigforums and of course, AR15 dot com, not to mention the great hardware too.

Here's what happened late Friday. I made up a short list of pistols to consider based on the feedback from here, sigforums and ar15 dot com. I took the list to the local gun store and asked to get everything out and lets narrow this list down asap. I wasn't intending to purchase right then and there, but certainly very soon afterward. My list was:

GLock 19

H&K USPc 9mm

H&K P2000/2000 sk 9mm

Walther P99/P99c

S&W M+P 9mm compact

Sig P228, P229

Springfield XD9

I dropped out the XD right away due to feel and pointing as well as the XD for being too heavy. Walther was not in stock. Glock 19 was the benchmark, but it feels good/points ok, but not great. They were out of the P2000's so it came down to the USPc and M+P. The M+P seemed to be right in between the Glock 19 and USPc in many ways, esp size. After an hour or more of comparing I went with the M&P 9 Compact. I LOVED the feel of the USPc, but for my first dedicated CCW pistol I went with the M&P because it felt and pointed well, was smaller in size and was almost $300 cheaper ($469). Right now I can spend the difference on mags, ammo, holster and training. I liked the trigger on the M&P much better than the Glock. I'd sum up the M&P Compact 9mm as a better feeling, practical Glock 26 in my eyes.

I took it to the range on Saturday and it shot great. I was getting very tight groups at 7 yards on man sized targets.

Thanks for every ones inputs. I certainly plan to get a USP/USPc sometime in the not so distant future. Awesome weapon!

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