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New M&P owner

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Never ever shot a gun before much less own one. Bought for self defense, (too many punks in the world today), but now am hooked and interested in shooting in informal competitions localy. Bought the M&P9 because the ammo is somewhat cheaper and the gun felt better in my hand then the Glocks or Springfields models.

Have went through 500 rds without a single problem. Looking to get the 40c soon.
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Welcome to the club. Most ranges have an IDPA and USPSA nights. Check here and here for rules and regs.

The best thing to do is to watch a match and ask questions from the guys who have obviously been doing it a long time. You can easily spot them: They don't often miss.

IDPA has a concealement garment requirement, but I've seen it not enforced on the local level a couple of times. Basicly, you have to have the gun holstered, put your arms straight out to the side, and the gun and holster should not be seen. Plus, and this one's important, Hi-cap mags must be only loaded to ten rounds. The one you first put into your gun when you step up to the line can have 11 (ten max +1 in chamber), but extras can only have ten. Make sure you have at least 3 mags.

Oh, and don't be too good to help paste targets for other guys.
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Forgot this: Don't let them give you crap for packing the M&P. My second match I saw two Glocks choke.

And hold off a few months for the 40c...Wait for Smith to fix the mag-drop problem.
Thanks for the info........
Glocks choke, never! Good choice on the M&P9 - I love mine. Enjoy your new investment.
I love my M&P but my Glocks have never hiccupped either!! Anyway, Congrats and yes- don't let the Glock arses get to you.
If you do decide to get into the local IDPA scene (and I highly recommend that you do
), just be prepared to become addicted to it. It's a lot of fun, you will meet some really great folks, and you will learn a LOT about shooting and safe handling of a firearm.

I took my new M&P 9 out to the range this past Saturday for it's first run at a local IDPA match, and probably had one of my best matches ever. I usually shoot an XD-9 Tactical, but it's classified as ESP since it's single action. I picked up the M&P to shoot in SSP, and was well-pleased with it on Saturday. There were 24 shooters and I came out on top with a pistol that had never been fired (other than at the factory).

Congrats on your new purchase....If you're anything like the rest of us, you'll like it a lot!!
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I went to watch a local match, just guys getting together at an outside range twice a week, nothing formal. Just bragging rights to the top shooter I suppose. Anyway, most of them shoot 1911 style, but said my gun would do fine.

I do like the sport, just exspensive to shoot once a week.
Welcome Aboard!

Good deal on getting to check out a local match. You are right ammo can become expensive but if you shoot a couple of matches a month you will develop some really good skills with your new weapon. I think most of us on this board think that would be good investment. And what the heck, it's a lot of fun.
Welcome to the site...
Welcome and thanks for being forthright with your just beginning to shoot and owning a gun. I'm in the same boat. :wink:
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