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New M&P40 - Finally getting to the Range

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I just purchased my new M&P 40 last week and finally getting it to the range tomorrow. Can't wait to see how this one shoots.

Here's a pic along with my 340PD - one or the other (if not both) is always with me. 8)

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Enjoy your trip, you'll have a blast. :wink:
Well, ran 100 rounds of Win Ranger 155gr through it this afternoon. Ran great - no FTFs or FTE's. Recoil managable (nothing compared to 357mag loads out of my 340PD).

Don't know if it was the gun or me but it shot consistantly low left - but all in all, pleased with its performance. Getting the barrel out of the slide for cleaning took just a little time but it did come out without force.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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