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Today I received my M&P9. I purchased it with nightsights, No lock or mag safety and 3 17rd mags. The gun feels great in my hand and the trigger is smooth and crisp.

I have been issued a Sigma 40V in the past-hated that gun-but the M&P9 is all together a different (Much Better) weapon.

I like the interchangeable backstraps and found the trigger to be much better than all the Glocks I have owned and shot.

I did have a chance to shoot 50 of my reloads though the gun and I shot better with this gun than I do with my current issue Sig 228 of which I have shot thousands of rounds through. I think it is time to hit the Chief up for a new Duty Weapon.

PS. It does have the new slide lock with a Serial Number of MPB7XXX.
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