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New member, avoided the XD :-)

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New member from Ventura County, CA here!

Been looking at M&P and Springfield XD 9mm, liked the XD, liked the M&P.

Just saw the 9mm is CA approved, so that tipped the scale in favor.

I will be placing an order for a 9mm asap, I just hope the wait will be tolerable...
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Good luck with the wait, to bad for the 10 rounders though

My dealer's distributor has them in stock, estimated pickup date is 9/18 from my dealer!

(Darn long weekends etc)
awesome, where do you live? im up in sacramento .. getting my m&p in .40 from KY online for only 500 with night sights woot!

cant wait
XD was the front-runner for me, until I actually picked up an M&P, then it was M&P all the way.
I was looking at the XD also when I found my M&P. The XD is nice but I liked the M&P more.
Tick Tock

Will be picking it up Wednesday afternoon... 9/20

Looking forward to it immensely
ahh, the horror. I have no control for waiting.
I love my XD's... I love my M&P!! I love them all!! I have a big heart, and there is room for them both.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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