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New Member from Illinois

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I am a retired Chicago Police officer and always had a S&W on my hip. A lifelong gun collector and shooter, USAF Viet Nam veteran, NRA member for all my adult life. Thanks to the hard work of the FOP and the signature of George Bush, qualified retired law enforcement officers can now carry in all 50 states. S&W had the lions share of the LE market when the revolver was king, that niche is now held by Glock. But with the M&P series of pistols and some smart marketing I think S&W will regain the prominance it once held in that market. I currently own an M&P9c and an M&P45, when S&W starts shipping their compact 45 I will have one. I look forward to participating in this forum.
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First Welcome to the boards.

Secondly thank you for serving as a LEO.

Thirdly and MOST IMPORTANT thank you for serving in the Military.

We have a good bunch around here I am still relatively new but I enjoy the boards and comraderie here. Enjoy your retirement you deserve it.
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Welcome from Northern Arizona.

Thanks for your service.

Welcome to the site!! And thank you for serving your people proud!! Enjoy the site, and your MP9c and .45
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Welcome and thanks for your service
Welcome to the site from one retired LEO to another.
Welcome from down here in Central Illinois
Welcome to the site...
First Welcome to the site

Second thanks from one Vet to another

Third If i get pulled over while going through Chicago can I use your name????

Just kidding enjoy the site nonetheless...
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