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New member from Upstate NY

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I just found this site, and am really happy to see it. I traded a perfectly good CZ p01 (9mm) upon seeing a 9mm M&P. It is now my night stand and carry gun. I'm not fond of strapping guns to my waist, so I use a fanny pack; who cares what's in there? So far I run 250 +/- rounds thru my fullsize M&P with zero problems. One session I ran thru a box ww ball so fast, my head spun. didn't bring enough to the range, could have shot another you can tell, I'm pleased with the M&P...Chris W.
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Welcome! The M&P definitely is an ammo burner. I don't think it is possible to bring enough ammo to the range. :wink:
Welcome to the forum!! I am also from New York state. Western New York, Buffalo area. Own a MP.40S&W with 350 rounds through without a single malfunction. Stress high hold, pull back with weak hand while holding steady with strong hand. This will reduce the amount of recoil and muzzle flip and will bring front sight back on target faster. Tips I've picked up from shooting at the range and reading posts on this forum. There is lots of good info. on this forum. If trigger pull weight is in need of adjustment see trigger info. from Dan Burwell's site. He has detailed instructions on a full trigger job w/ pics that you can perform any part of depending on your individual needs.
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