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Hey all! I've been browsing the forum for a long time and I've just decided to become a member. I'm from Madison, WI and i'm interested in getting into USPSA events. I know very little about competition shooting, and I've got a lot of ground to cover before I consider myself to be of that standard, but I think that competing in anything is one of the fastest ways to better your skills in anything.

I would love to talk gear, techniques, and general USPSA mechanics with anybody who enjoys it!

Thanks tons!


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Welcome to the forum, your question about competition might be better posted in the Competition forum.

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Welcome from Milwaukee, Rob!

Sorry I can't help you. I'm not even sure if there are any USPSA events in WI.

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Production: You can change your sights, add a slip on grip, thats about it... the gun is supposed to be as bone stock as it can get, Im honestly surprised they let you change the sights, but thats a good thing because contrast 3 dots pretty much suck. Some hi visibility sights like the TFX are what were planning on upgrading to.

Mags are loaded to 10 rounds, no matter the mag you have... Yes, you can run stock mags, no you cant put more than 10 rounds in it. Do a dry run of your COF (Course Of Fire) and figure out where your going to do your mag change.. Preferably on the move, which saves time.

Thats about it!

Most cardboard targets that are tan take 2 shots, white targets are no shoot, you get a penalty for hitting that.

All steel takes only 1 shot.

When shooting a Virginia COF, you are limited to the number of shots you fire, make sure your aim is good.

When shooting Comstock, you "shoot 'till your happy", you can dump 20 rounds into a paper target if you want... thats just for sake of example, because only the 2 best will count. On farther targets on a Comstock COF, I usually do 3 shoots and then move on... 3 shots give me a better chance of getting closer to the Alpha, or center mass, which is highest scoring.

Time: If you go slow, it will hurt your time, if you go fast it will hurt your accuracy.. you gotta find a balance... accuracy and speed.


Misses or "mikes" are -10 so dont miss. You can be the fastest shooter and miss 3 targets and come in dead last.

You want 5 mags, 1 for the weapon and 4 on your belt. Trust me, you need at least that.. and, no more than that.

Take at least 125 rounds to each match, if in doubt call the co-codinator for the event and ask... I make it a habit to bring 250 no matter what.

Reloading is your friend: You will be able to enjoy the sport a lot cheaper if you reload!!

40 is better than 9... subjective, but its my firm opinion. Even if you shot 45 in production, all production is scored in Minor... so why shoot 40? It gives you a better chance to drop steel more effectively (agin, my opinion and others wont share it)

Weapon: M&P 40 full size with TFX sights, again my personal choice, pick what you want
Holster: Not a SERPA, but a Sportster holster, one that has no safety to manipulate.. just whip and shoot, trust me on this...

Heres the holster we run:

Blackhawk item number: blackhawk 415613bk-r

It will take the 9 and 40 fine, with a little extra so that in the future it will accept an M&P 45 full size and run the same holster. It works GREAT!

Mag pouches:
Get two of these:
They attache to your belt and are solid mag pouches, no need to spend a lot of extra money!!! Trust me.. there is no return unless your so damn good you have gone pro, which is not likely given that the pros can out shoot us on any given day...

Get a GOOD leather shooting belt, not just a belt from Tractor Supply.. A thich and stiff leather belt is your friend.

Wear a hat, take water and bug spray.. ear plugs, muffs or electronic muffs, your choice.

Dont break your 180, and have fun!

Heres my USPSA playlist for videos *I* shoot, it is updated as regular as we participate.

Get a firm grip, lock your non shooting wrist, fire true and leave your skirt at home!

THIS is one of the best KISS videos on USPSA Ive found, also explains the 180 rule...

You cannot hurt your weapon by dry firing! DO IT! Practice mag swaps, racking the slide and trigger squeeze, and never forget locking the non firing wrist and a firm grip.

Practice live fire: 1&1 drills, two mags with 1 round each... Draw, fire 1, mag change, fire 1. Its a good drill.

Strong hand, weak hand... Practice dry & life fire one handed, sooner or later, you will hit a COF with one hand shooting and if you didnt practice in advance, your gonna suck, I promise!

Lastly, its the most fun you can have for this cheap, typically $15 registration fee. Make new friends and get tips & advice, be safe!

In closing: You read and hear a LOT of belly aching about the trigger on the M&P, about this, about that.. etc.. etc.. etc.. Trigger reset, etc.. etc..

I can guarntee you, when the buzzer goes off and the lead is flying down range, you will NEVER notice the stock trigger and you will NEVER notice the trigger reset... Dont get coned into having work done to your weapon, that you will never notice.

If you wore a skirt and shoot bullseye, I can see the trigger arguments being valid, that is all.

Any questions, shout... I doubt Im the only one here that shoots USPSA.

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Welcome. A couple of things about the M&P specificaly in Uspsa that i learned. Disclaimer: I'm in California so my pistol and match rules may vary from yours.

California version of the 9 fs has a magazine disconnect which is detrimental to the "slide-forward hammer-down" process at the end of each stage. If your gun has this "safety" feature youll see what i mean after your first match. I removed it. Otherwise you have to carry an empty magazine at all times just to pull the trigger on an empty gun.

I thought the factory grip texture felt good and sticky until i shot a sweaty summer match. Recommend Talon or other grip tape.

The auto-forward "feature" of the pistol is great for fast slide-lock reloads but becomes unreliable when full size mags are loaded only to 10. Ive found that the rounds sometimes bounce in the mag as you seat it and nothing gets chambered. Better to block your mags or manually unlock slide.

Have fun be safe. I wouldnt worry about any of this for a first match. All u need is a holster and a handful of mag holders and youre good to go.

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Oh and one more thing, in Uspsa there is no benefit to shooting 40 in production division scoring or otherwise. If thats your chosen pistol then by all means shoot it. But 9 is a better choice for that division without question.
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