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put first 230 rds thru it 2day.some diff loads and bullet weights.

slide rls sometimes needs 2hands. In idpa many reloads are

done with slide locked back so this could be an issue if it doesnt

loosen up enough.when I use a slightly agressive magazine change

(like in idpa competion) the slide releases from it's locked back position.

Not sure if this could be an issue with an RO during IDPA or USPSA

competition in the production division.most grps ok a few not. all 25 yrd

off rest.every string frm the rest was 5"high and 4"right to point of aim.

however shooting fast off hand at ipsc targets everything was low / left

till i slowed it way down.gun seems to return to point of aim very well.

it didnt like to cylce with less than a 140 pf. 140 & above was fine.

accuracy was acceptable. guy next to me had the cz in .40 with same

170 pf loads and we both liked the mp recoil better..the .40 was much

snappier and didnt seem to return to orig point of aim as well. Trigger

wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.crisp let off. I really like this gun

and am looking forward to shooting idpa/uspsa production.Plan to send

gun to dan for competiton trigger job,throat pollishing,front & rear sights.

may need a taller front sight or lower rear(adj rear would be nice)to correct

the 5" high point of impact. I dont carry so its only for idpa/uspa.
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