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New MP Fan!

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Howdy folks! I'm a long time pistol enthusiast, primarily SIG's and HK's, with a relatively new interest in my subcompact Glocks. I own over 2O SIG's and several HK's and Glocks, (along with assorted other pistols), but my latest passion is for the Smith and Wesson M&P. I purchased the compact 9mm for an insane price at a local gun show last weekend and this pistol has quickly become my favorite carry gun. I'm on a mission to buy every model, and likely multiples, of every one made. That has been my trend anyway with past pistol passions. The compact 9mm is a marvel and I believe these pistols are going to take the arms industry by storm. Anyway...glad to be here.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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