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New MP issues

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Hi folks. I was issued an MP and stumbled upon some problems a few days ago, it now has 300 rounds. The first 200 were with Fiocci (sp?) and it worked flawlessly. This past weekend I shot 2 boxes of Winchester (not the bulk pack) and got 1 stovepipe and twice the slide didn't lock back with an empty mag. In addition to the 300 rounds there are probably another 500 dry fired rounds, the trigger is starting to get smoother.

The gun was clean and lightly oiled before shooting the Winchester that day. I don't think the stovepipe was due to limpwristing, I own and shoot other makes without a problem and I've got a fairly firm grip. The failure to lock back doesn't concern me as much as the stovepipe but it still is annoying.

Other than that I like the ergonomics and light recoil. I prefer the trigger of my XD but it points just as well, is just as balanced and I may be more accurate with the MP. I'd just like to get all these issues resolved before I trust my life with this weapon.

Thanks all!
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A problem with the .40 or just your particular one? My M&P9 is somewhere north of 1500 rounds and has shot, without problem, all the low-cost ammo I've thrown at it: Fiocchi 124 gr, Winchester 115gr (bulk, Walmart), Independence 115gr and Winchester 147 gr HP (Walmart). No FTF's, FTE's, jams, anything. Rounds in the mag, mag in the pistol, chamber a round and 17 go downrange. It doesn't matter if I mix types. I'd try the good stuff, but it might faint.

I like the M&P. Like the feel, like the way it handles, like the low recoil and mine seems to be darned reliable. The only problem I have with it is that one of us shoots low. Haven't decided if I need to take a file to the front sight; keep putting the front dot on the target and elevating the muzzle until the dot sits on top of the rear dots; or wait for an adjustable rear sight to come out. It shoots pretty good groups and I like the way it handles and fires, just need to figure out how to fix either the shooter or the pistol.

The frustrating part of me and this pistol is that I don't seem to have the problem with other brands. Yesterday I fired 4 rounds from a Hi-Point .45. It was the first time I ever fired a Hi-point. The group at 17 yards was just under 2" (X, 10, 2 9's at 1 o'clock).
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What type of winchester did you fire. It might be that the ammo was a little light on the powder. Did all the malfunctions happen with the same box of ammo or did the malfunctions happen with both boxes?
It wasn't Winchester Winclean ammo was it?
Greener, +1. Mine seems to shoot low as well! Always fires when trigger is pulled.
It was the plain Winchester target ammo. Not the bulk pack, but individual 50 round boxes. I'll try to shoot it some more this weekend with various ammo. Hopefully I can resolve this before having to carry it.
IIm thinking you got a bad batch of ammo. It happens, especially with target ammo. Had it happen to me with american ammo, didnt have enough oomph to recoil my .45 to cycle properly. Never heard of winchester doing though, but I guess it happens to them too. Thats why the military seperates the ammo by lots. So much ammo is made under a particular lot number then the systems and machines are reset and checked for production of the next lot. If bad ammo is accuring then we trace the lot number and recall all the ammo in that lot.

Try some different target ammo, like magtech and see what happens. Of course thats a good excuse for going to the range alot.

Hope everything turns out!!
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Thanks for the help fellas. Unfortunately we've got a 20% failure on all our new MP's so we're going back with Glock. They're reliable and established but I can't stand the trigger or grip angle.
Sorry to hear about the failure rate and returning to the Glock.
The two hand, thumbs forward grip can do funny things. I can make my glocks do the same thing when changing my thumb placement.
Whitebb said:
Greener, +1. Mine seems to shoot low as well! Always fires when trigger is pulled.

Mine printed low at 15+ yards. My trigger out of the box measured 10+ pounds on a gauge!

I sent it to Dan for a trigger job - and now it hits to point of aim at all distances.

Some people rave about the stock trigger, but I think S&W needs to do a lot better on the stock triggers. I like the gun and the company - just some constructive criticism . . .
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Jesse H said:
Thanks for the help fellas. Unfortunately we've got a 20% failure on all our new MP's so we're going back with Glock. They're reliable and established but I can't stand the trigger or grip angle.

Jesse - When you say 20% failure rate are you talking failures to eject or failures to feed? Also, were you including the slide not locking back as a failure?

I ask because just about every single time I've seen a slide failing to lock back it was because the shooter was riding the slide release with his thumb.

Did you have a S&W rep on hand during the testing or is this something you all were doing on your own? I'm just curious to hear what, if anything, S&W had to say about it. Thanks.

I would give S&W at least a chance to remedy the problem.

IHP here in Iowa had same issues, except they had a higher failure rate.jju8u

S&W rep showed up and worked on all the handguns. From what I hear now, from

one of the troopers is that the M&P's work fine now and they really like them.

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One person here, one odd gun there, those types of things are to be expected, but when I hear something like "IHP here in Iowa had same issues, except they had a higher failure rate. S&W rep showed up and worked on all the handguns.", I find it very disheartening. 20% is already 1 in 5, but they had it worse than that?

The MP has such great potential. S&W needs to work on their Quality Control or something. Like I said before, trust is easily lost and near impossible to regain.
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We just finished our dept's transition tonight to the MP. We started 3 weeks ago and have had a training class every day. We have a 300 man sworn dept and have gone thru approx 114,000-115,000 rounds in 3 weeks. I dont think we've had more than 20-25 failures of any kind the entire time.

Our MP's are in 40 and they've been pretty damn reliable for us. Ive got my duty MP40 and my own MP9. My duty MP40 has between 1100-1200 rounds without any failure of any kind. Ive shot it two hand, strong hand, weak hand, upside down, sideways, etc without any malf's.

My MP9 has been shot about 1000 rounds of whatever, reloads from me, reloads from another company, factory, frangible, etc and it has only had one primer hit that did not go off. It was due to a high primer on the reloads. Otherwise, it feeds, shoots, extracts and ejects everything. Its been very accurate and reliable and I completely trust my life with it.

I shoot it much better than I ever have my Glocks or about anything else, except my CZ's and custom STI's. About every sworn LEO we put thru the transition, shot A LOT better than they have before.

Ive never heard of anyone having 20% plus failure rate. I dont understand it.
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K Im glad that your M&P's are doing great.
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