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new pics of M&P 40 with Streamlight M3 tactical illumina

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My new home security system

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Tritium sights are wonderful in a pitch black environment, but YOU GOTTA BE ABLE TO ID THE TARGET! In real life, you don't get to set up your own scenario where the BG stands in the light & you get to hide in the darkness when it becomes necessary to engage. Also, as others have stated, a powerful light is a weapon to create momentary confusion, disorientation & a psychological advantage. Lights mounted on the weapon usually aren't too practical for concealed carry, but they're great for a long gun or a pre-stationed home defense handgun. My 870 is so equipped.

In a night defensive situation, it is great to have both a light (or two) & the nightsights available, but I'd MUCH rather give up the nightsights than a good flashlight. In fact, I carry a Surefire on my person & another in my briefcase all day long 24/7 & wonder how I got along without it for so many years. Even during daylight hours, you're much more likely to get caught inside during a blackout than in a gunfight.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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