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Hey Gang,

Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for the great info and topics. I recently purchased my MP 40 and also picked up a nice little Walther P22 to get my wife into shooting as well. I'd like to get into IDPA here in my area ( Columbus, Ohio ) and am looking forward to next year's schedule. For now I have a lot of practice to do and a ccw class to take.

I know this question should be on a different forum but, could somebody just give me a quick estimate on the reloading $$ for the .40 caliber? I'm looking at a Dillon press and am mainly interested in just loading practice ( Cheap ) rounds for now.



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The bullet is the most expensive part, so depending on the exact components, you should be able to reload 40 S&W for about 9 cents a round using plated bullets, like the ones from Rainier or Berrys. If you use commercially cast bullets, you can get that a bit lower, possibly down to 6-7 cents a round.
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