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Hi all Im new to the forum and I just acquired my first M&P a fullsize 9mm.

The question Im asking is how do you folks rate the M&P to the Glock series of guns.

Durability,ease of maintenence, shootability, etc.?

Next question, Ive personnally run tens of thousands of rounds through my Glocks, on one particular G-19 I ran 25,000 rounds in 4 months time getting ready for the area 2 match here in AZ.

Can some of you tell me what kind of high round counts you have through your guns and if and when any problems accured?



P.S. Im interested in the round counts mainly on the M&P guns but any and all feedback is appreciated.
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Got 'bout 4000 through mine and now problems. Some here have tens of thousands with no hiccups! I retired my G 22 and G17 to go to the M&P for USPSA and IDPA competition. Never looking back. Good luck!

Spare parts to have: Sear (for the trigger job mainly), stricker assembly (just in case), front sight (if you like to get close on barricades). JMHO
Welcome and congrats on a fine purchase! Enjoy
Thanks for the warm welcome I appreciate it.
Hey Glocker, Welcome from higher up the mountain. You will find a bunch of good info and a friendly membership on this forum. I'm glad to see you finaly bought a decent pistol.

Thanks for the welcome TOF Im looking forward to this weekend to get a few more hundred rounds through that new 9.
Welcome to the site and glad to see you have a firearm that doesnt start with "g"
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