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Supposed to be in 3 MOA and 6 MOA models.

Can't seem to find a link to the 6 MOA model on the Vortex website but here's a link to the 3 MOA model.

Battery life is over 9,000 hours or just over 1 year with the dot brightness on 6 (6 out of 10 levels). Levels 1 and 2 for night vision use. Turns itself off after sitting still for 14 hours. Turns itself on when moved. Uses the same "footprint" on pistols as the Shield RMS, RMSc optics. Comes with an adaptor plate to allow "canting" of the sight in case you run out of elevation adjustment room for up close sighting in.

$350 price tag on the Vortex sight. Some places are offering them cheaper (like Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore.)

Vortex Defender-CCW 3 MOA Micro Red Dot 3 MOA model

Vortex Defender-CCW 6 MOA Micro Red Dot 6 MOA model.

Can't say they're better than anything but they're not a Holoson for those that won't buy it because it's a Holoson.

If you do buy one and try it please do a review for the rest of here.

forgot the link to the spec sheet on the Vortex website. VTX_M-00329-0_WEB.pdf
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