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Utica Police Chief C. Allen Pylman has confirmed that Officer Thomas Lindsay, 32 years old, was shot and killed in the line of eduty Thursday night.

Officer Lindsey was a five year veteran of the Utica Police Department. Chief Pylman confirmed that Officer Lindsey was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was shot.

Law enforcement officials told NewsChannel 2 that Officer Lindsey pulled over a vehicle for a routine traffic stop. This happened in the 1200 block of Neilsen Street in the Cornhill section of the city.

The officials said that the Utica policeman returned to his patrol car, Utica Police Car No. 44, and ran a check for warrants. The check showed that there were warrants against someone related to the stop.

It was at the next step in the traffic stop when Officer Lindsey was shot. The shooting scene is about 50 yards south of the intersection of Neilsen Street and Mortimer St., a block south of South Street.

A large number of police from several different agencies are at the location in Cornhill. Those agencies include the New York State Police, Oneida County Sheriff and local town and villages police from New Hartford, Whitestown, Yorkville and Herkimer.

Around 11:45PM, Thursday night, a dozen heavily armed, specially equipment Utica police officers comprising a SWAT unit entered a two story apartment building on Neilsen Street. The building was adjacent to the scene of the shooting. The officers broke down the front door to the building and spent about twenty minutes in the building.

Large numbers of armed police were walking the street throughout the Cornhill area. Many were canvassing the area, others were using flashlights searching the sidewalks and front yards on Neilsen Street and in the area of Eagle Street, Arthur Street, Howard Ave. and Seymour Ave.

About five blocks north of the scene of the shooting, on John Street between Blindina Street and Mary Street, police has set up another crime scene.

An automobile was covered by a tarp and many armed police officers were seen in the area, much like the Neilsen Street location. Utica Police Chief C. Allen Pylman would not comment on the relationship between the two crime scenes.

Patrolman Thomas Lindsey was not married.

Rest in Peace Brother
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