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Newbie...2cam2go at Sunrise Leather

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Hi everyone,

Found this forum and decided to get onboard.

I am a retired NYPD PO (1993) which is code for almost ancient.

I ride my 99 HD Dyna Low Rider every chance I get, makes me feel not so ancient. Hehe.

I have been a maker of custom concealment gunleather and leather police products since 1978. I love what I do, never thought I would get this far along.

Looking forward to learning and posting here in the future. 8)

The attached photo is an S&W 500 Magnum concealed carry set for an LEO.

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Nice lookin leather!
Thanks for the compliment. I tried to get the photo to load but no good. Do you know how to?
I tried also, don't know if it doesn't like there not being a WWW or something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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