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New member from N.E. Ohio, Youngstown area. Just started looking into the M&P pistol, have yet to even see one, let alone handle it, but all the good things I'm reading about it have my hopes up. Sounds like it may be the gun I've looking for (at least when the .45 comes out) and not finding so far. Have tried Glock (crappy ergonomics, so-so trigger) and Beretta (S9000 & Px4, good ergonomics, crappy triggers) and have been considering Springfield's XD series when I started reading all the good press on M&P's. If S&W has their act together on these like they do on the 1911's & AR's I expect to be be shooting one soon. I'd sure like a mini 9mm for CCW and service size .45 for all around with the same manual of arms.

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