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Newbie who just bought a M&P40

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I'm a M&P40 newbie who just bought one tonight and can hardly wait to try it out.

According to the fired casing envelope it's dated 10/04/2007 so it's only 2 weeks old.

My serial number is in the MPW9*** range if anybody is keeping track of numbers and mfg dates.

I also signed up for the 2 free mags and range bag deal from S&W...what a deal.

Who has the best deal for additional mags ?

I also own a Sig P229R in 40, how do think it will compare as far as accuracy and recoil ?

Anyway just saying Hi from St. Louis.
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I have shot a hand full of 40's, and own two, and the M&P 40 is the easiest to shoot (lowest recoil). IMO if it is easier to shoot you will be more accurate. Plus very few people can shoot as good as their gun, so I was never that worried about which one is more accurate.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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