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Nice Bumpersticker

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I just bought one of these while getting some stuff for my AR:

Thought you guys might like it :wink:
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Yup. There's another one that simply says 'It couldn't happen here'. Says it all.

If you want a spine chilling recount of gun control in Nazi Germany then google this woman's name and read some of her account of growing up in Germany during that period:

Kitty Werthmann
I've seen that one before at gun shows, i think its real good.

also like: "my 1911 is better than your 911"
Here is a nice interesting short article from Kitty. Seems like a good lady...
lance22 said:
Nice ! That really makes a point!

Leave it to a facist dictator who killed 6 million + people b/c he didn't like who they were, to prove a point about freedom. The joys of irony
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raz-0 said:
Only problem is that hitler never said it.
That was my understanding as well but I didn't have a link for support.
It's always interesting when someone says that a famous (or infamous) person never said something, they have no way of proving it one way or another, it's impossible to know everything Hitler said or wrote in his life, no one has that knowledge and no one will. It would be more accurate to say that they couldn't find any documentation of something, but it's facetious to say they never said it, when they couldn't possibly know, good-bad or otherwise.
hmmmm. I think the link cited for him NOT saying it is pretty convincing. Assuming the persons sources were accurate. Saying that someone NEVER said something is a bit pointless isn't it? I think the point being made is the quote not being used in the context it was presented - and I think the cited info supports that claim.

Trying to prove the absence of a negative is a fool's errand. At a minimum, I don't think "facetious" applies here.
The reason why I think it matters is because we can look like fools. The far right lies and misrepresents the truth as much as the far left does.
choochboost said:
The reason why I think it matters is because we can look like fools. The far right lies and misrepresents the truth as much as the far left does.

Though it seems like lies and misrepresentation are daily practice in politics, they say one thing and then later deny they ever said it or do the opposite. The solution is to hold people accountable for what they say on public record, or in the case of someone say on a forum call them on their BS.
When I said far right, I was referring to gun friendly folks, and far left was in reference to the antis. Both representing the extremes of their respective sides. Maybe that was not a great way to say it. My point is that the gun crowd complains about the antis lame arguments for gun control, but we have to be careful to not lose credibility ourselves with our baseless propaganda.
When has an anti-gun person ever done research, though?

I mean, if they did, they wouldn't be anti..
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