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No Fire Issue M&P 45

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Ok, I roughly looked around and did a search for this, but I have yet to find someone with a similar issue... so here it goes.

I bought my M&P 45 (actually, bought 2) at Academy... unfourtantly, one was a display, which I didn't think to much about at the time, but I kept that one for myself and then let my dad use the non-display (we just got our CHLs). Anyways, two different times we each pumped 50 rounds through our guns without a hitch... no double loading (which I got from my father in law's Block 17), no clip issues, nothing... just straight lovely shooting. However, today I went out to the local gun range with my AR-15 and my M&P (the one that was on display, in case you're lost)... and my fiancee. So I blast out a couple of rounds through my AR when I decide to take a break and check on Monica, who I see seems to be holding back tears and shaking her head. I figured she was scared of the gun so I took it from her and went to show her the recoil on it. Pulled the trigger. No noise. No resistance. Nothing. I look down and then look at her, who had this "I told you so" look on. I pop that round out, try the next. Same. 10 rounds and no fire later, I field strip the M&P as she goes to shoot the AR. Looking at it, everything seems fine. Trigger is working properly, along with the safety (which was off during the fire... and my gun only has the thumb safety, nothing else) and the sear seemed to be doing its job. Recoil spring comes off, I check the firing pin, all good, and put it all back together. I put a clip in it and release the slide to load the round. Nothing. At this point, i'm not sure what to think. With the slide back and clip out, I dry fire it... no firing pin movement. So I finish off the second clip on the AR and we head home. When I get here, I use the gun cleaner to try and clean out the backend of the gun... nothing doin. Same stuff. Anyways, I just got off the phone with S&W and they were awesome about it... free shipping both ways and they're going to check it out... but my question to you guys, is have any of you experienced this and if so, what was it?

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Are you sure the striker isn't broke?

Take and press in the striker safety plunger, and push the striker forward, you should see the firing pin on the breech.
It won't even move, actually... it just kinda sits there and does nothing.
Any word on your problem yet? - JM.
You texans if it aint a six-shooter you break it
8) :wink:
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I have a suggestion to see if your striker has any momentum. Charge the slide, put a pencil in the barrel, then fire the trigger. If the pencil stays in the barrel, you undoubtedly have problems. If it is good, the pencil should exit the barrel with vigor. Works for me.
hmm. I have a similiar problem with mine. it seems the striker is a "little weak". Meaning, the striker doesnt seem to have much force behind it when striking the primer.

I tried that pencil test, It moves the pencil considerably, But NOT out of the barrel.

Do I have a light striker?

BTw, my serial number begins with MPU.
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