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Novak Rear Sight

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I bought my M&P 9 about two months ago and it has preformed flawlessly. My groups have all been a little left of Point of Aim, so I decided to move the rear sight just a bit to compensate. I removed the locking screw on the rear sight and started tapping the sight with a brass punch and hammer. Tapping didn't work and soon I was almost pounding the sight with the won't budge. So my question to all you M&P experts is how do I get the rear sight to "Drift" without destroying it or the slide??
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Dan..thanks for the info. I didn't use a vise, so that might do the trick. I know that the sight has to be removed in order to remove the Striker Safety Plunger...that's another reason why I wanted to remove the sight. I think putting that spring under the sight might have been a bad idea on Smith's part. If I get the sight removed from the slide I will trim it just a bit so that I don't have to hammer it out every time.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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