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Novak Rear Sight

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I bought my M&P 9 about two months ago and it has preformed flawlessly. My groups have all been a little left of Point of Aim, so I decided to move the rear sight just a bit to compensate. I removed the locking screw on the rear sight and started tapping the sight with a brass punch and hammer. Tapping didn't work and soon I was almost pounding the sight with the won't budge. So my question to all you M&P experts is how do I get the rear sight to "Drift" without destroying it or the slide??
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Mr. Smithshooter,

Take the slide off the gun put it in a sturdy vice protecting it with a shop rag. loosen the allen screw at least 1 full turn. Get out the brass punch put it down on the lowest flat on the sight and give it s few good smacks. It will move out if you loosened the screw. I have come across some that are very very tight but they all come out with the brass punch.

The key is putting in a vice and getting on the lower flat.

You would probably be well served if you took a little metal of the bottom of the sight's dovetail so if you ever need to move it again you can. Just go slow and check it for fit often.


ps if you take the sight off completly be warey there is a spring under there that likes to your floor more than your bench. :wink:
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two words...


Like I said, I have come across some that mangled the end of my brass punch but they did come out.

The front sights can be a real B***h to get out it seems as though they have been putting them in with epoxy to help hold them in place.

good luck,

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