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Hey guys! Some of you may know me as Walther1 from combatcarry, walther forums, or steyrclub but I had to officially change my name upon joining this site, because the Walther will likely take a back seat now.

I did it. I am guilty. You can blame me now. I PURCHASED A NEW M&P 9MM.
I pick it up tomorrow afternoon! I already bought 500 rounds for the range and will buy another 500 Wednesday.

I was considering a Steyr S/M A-1 but couldn't find one. I was also seriously considering a Glock 19 but heard some bad things about safety and the kaboom factor. I told my dealer to order me a Springfield XD9 SS 4" after I rented one, but he couldn't find one at his distributor. At the last minute I bought the M&P sight unseen. Never even shot one. I decided the safety factors were better for me and my family so that is what I got. I was also looking for a stainless gun as I am moving to Florida close to the beach in the next year. It seemed better for that environment.

Can't wait to get it and am excited to share all the experiences of this pistol.

Walther1...err I mean MP91.
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