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Online Compact finder thread

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find Compact online?? post the link here!!!
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they have them listed at 499, no stock yet though.
mad212 said:

they have them listed at 499, no stock yet though.

good find...alittle pricey though...but i'd still buy one if they were in stock hehe
ya they usally have better prices, plus they give u a life time warrenty on ANY gun u buy. But so far every gun i own comes with its own lifetime so meh. They do have a great variety of products though!
It seems online if not cheaper than a glock. The shops around me have glock subcompacts for about $500. So I wont mind paying less than $500 for a M&P compact. Plus I have a M&P40C on order all in all I will pay $487 for mine when it comes out in a few weeks hopefully.
has anyone seen the compact outside of Ohio?
We have two 9mm M&P compacts w/o mag disconnects at VA Arms in Manassas, VA $535.00 ea


Ed guns, in Marietta, Georgia had an MP9c for 474.00
M&P Compact

Hi All. I'm new to the site. Do you think Buds Gun Shop will get them. They probably have the most SMOKIN prices on M&P's than anyone.

Thanks - JP
Bud's just got them in. Under $450 according to email I got.

ETA: Just called them. They said it seems to be a glitch and their computers there are not showing it.
Ok, just talked to Brandon at Bud's. They are in and are $489. They had 4 available, only 3 now. I tried to resist but couldn't
lol My gf is soooo going to kill me.....
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gander mountain in PA 499.00
The Gun Broker here in Oregon has had several on the shelf at $509.00.

Unfortunately they're always gone within a few hours, so I have yet to see one in person

That's OK though, because I probably won't be able to afford one until after the holidays.
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My local gun shop has them for $459.99+tax. Does anyone know of a better price out there or should I just jump on that?
You won't find a better price than that right now.
Thanks Matt, I knew it was a good price and the lowest I've found. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some kind of deal like Bud's fullsize out there. With as new as the compact still is I didn't figure that would be the case but it's worth a try.
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No deals unfortunately. Heck, I don't think Bud's has the 369 M&Ps anymore. I'm glad I didn't wait on that one.
Well, now that I have both of mine, I guess it's time to reveal where I got mine :twisted:

Fin Feather Fur in Ashland, Ohio has the M&P full size 9 and 40 for $399, and the 9 Compact for $439. They have them in stock for pickup sales. So if you are in Ohio, here is a source at a good price.

I bought the 9 full and compact. Check the site out for phone number etc...
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