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Ordered a S&W 4006TSW... Review coming soon

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I'm a big fan of the .40 S&W but I've always done the .40 S&W in a GLOCK platform. Cut my teeth on a Gen 3 GLOCK 23C as a personal CCW. Started to carry a Gen 3 GLOCK 22 as a department issue piece and I purchased a Gen 4 GLOCK 22 back in December '09. Been wanting something different for the collection.

In both 9mm and .45 ACP I have a Traditional Double Action, a Single Action, and a Striker fired. All I have in the .40 is the GLOCKs. I like Smith & Wesson and they're not making anymore 3rd Gen guns... so I figured what the hell. Get a 3rd Gen S&W Auto... they're fairly affordable right now, built like tanks, and it would be nice to have a S&W Auto chambered in .40 S&W. So I hunted online and found out that Mark of Summit Gunbroker had a batch of S&W 4013TSWs, 4006TSWs, and 4043s. Not looking at CCWing this guns so I figured the 4006TSW would fit the bill. Should be hitting my local fun shop by Thursday or Friday.

(Not my gun, pic from Summit Gunbroker)

Total price is $438.00

$365 for the pistol

$30 for three extra magazines

$18 for shipping

$20 for transfer fee at my local store

$5 for FDLE Background Check (The State always get their cut )
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This is a great gun! I was issued one of these and carried it everyday for about 2 year. A huge step up from the model 64 revolvers we were issued before. Although.... not nearly as nice as the M&P we carry now!!!
I carried a 4006 on duty for seven years. I could run it much faster than a Glock but not as accurate. I loved shooting it on an all steel course. The SA reset is the best on any pistol outside of a tuned 1911.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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