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What other forums do you guys frequent?

S&W forums

combat carry

stopping power

brians forums

Firing line

used to go to XDtalk

tactical forums

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Louder Than Words

Brian Enos'


Combat Carry

The High Road

1911 forum

10mm forum

I post under my real name on all of them but Enos' forum I am danial97 there.


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GT-LE, 1911, and Concealed carry areas ONLY.

1911 Forum

S&W Forum

Concealed Carry Forum (latest)

I have my Firefox bookmarks set up to hit several tabbed "for sale" areas on different forums.

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I used to be a member at XD/hs2000 talk.. but I got banned, twice! I really liked that site.. but they have a political discussion area.. Old School tolerated me pretty well, but he had to ban me.

I visit Combat Carry frequently.. but I don't post much there. To many moderators... I want the discourse to be civil, but I think they take it a bit further than needs to be... I don't spend as much money and time celebrating my 2nd amendment rights to give ground on my 1st! It's a good forum though.. So I go there mainly to read.

I am also a member/moderator at SKYY Forum. (I like being a moderator there.. I don't have to do anything!! It's a neat little gun, and Kel-Tec better watch their six, because the SKYY pistol is coming on fast!

Then there are a bunch of forums that I visit that are political.. not gun related. Free Republic is the main one.. CSB is another... If you feel like arguing with liberals.. visit the CSB!! They are BRUTAL!!

I also created a forum of my own.. but I can't really recomend it.. I am the only member. I go there just to talk to myself.. It's called I am hoping that the message board will become a place to make fun of the 1911 fanatics, and gun shop owners that think the only AR in the world that is worth it's weight in silver is the Colt!


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Too Many.......

Forums I browse through and approximately how often I frequent them. I need to get a life!!!! :roll:

MP Forum (Daily)

S & W Forum (Daily Can only read, can't log in???)

The Firing Line (Daily)

The High Road (Daily)

Shooters Forum ( once or twice a week)

The outdoor forum (Seldom, lots of grouches)

Texas CHL Forum (Daily)

XD Forum (Weekly)

Bersa Talk Forum (Weekly)

Walther Forum (occasionally)

The Hand Forum (Weekly)

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ShipWreck said:
Well, besides my own forum ( . I visit The High Road, BerettaForum, Waltherforum, Glocktalk, XD Talk, here, S&W Forum, Sig Forum and AR15 occassionally.

I knew you posted on Handgun Forum. Net but didn't know you were the founding father. I find your posts interesting and thoughtful. I almost bought a P99 (and still might) just because of your raves. I'll have to visit there more often.

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Well, JS began it - and I joined like 2 days later and have worked as an admin pretty much since...

Don't worry - 1 of these days U'll make the right choice and buy a P99 - I met someone at my local range from Glocktalk yesterday - and now he wants a P99 after he shot mine.
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