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Paging Dan Burwell(Polishing)

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There is a pic in your trigger job link of the wheel you use to round the top of the firing pin safety. Where can I get one?
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Mr Kracka,

I didn't write those instructions and do not use a wheel like that so I don't really know where to get one. If I had to guess I would guess brownell's would likely have somehting like that. I actually use something I would never recomend the avg guy to try as you can ruin the part super fast. I use a disc sander and finish with an extra fine cratex wheel on a dremel tool.

You need a very delicate touch or you'll be calling smith for a new if you do it my way with a heavy hand. I think this is why the author recomended what he did.
yeah, I have beaten up at least 3 search engines looking for the particular item mentioned in the pdf without any luck. didn't even find it on 3m's web page.
That looks like a 3M Scotch-Brite wheel to me. Just think of a normal Scotch-Brite pad but compressed into something a bit more solid and mounted on a bench grinder.

Something like this (although there are many types)

The generic term for Scotch-Brite is "Non-Woven Abrasive".
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