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Pants Size for IWB

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How much larger waist size do you usually wear when wearing an IWB holster? Is an extra 2 inches in the waist enough or should I add 4 inches?
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I would say 2" at the most.

I'm no expert though. I've only been carrying on and off for the last year or so.

Honestly, most of my old pants hand enough give to them that I can still fit my full-size 9mm MP.

(of course now I only need the belt to hold the holster in place; whereas before, i need the belt to hold my pants in place)
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For me, an IWB holster doesn't affect my pant size, but it does add or subtract a notch on my belt. YMMV.
I usually buy my pants about 2" bigger then what I can comfortablly wear, and belt them down. I just like loose pants and shorts...

However, I find that the looser the pants are, the less detectable an IWB is from the outside... just my findings... then again, i'm not a skinny person, so anything that I have on me tends to poke out a little (jokes aside)... you can clearly see if i have my cell phone or my cig pack in my pockets, and if I add a lighter or something else, it tends to show through, also.

ETA: body size does tend to play a factor... fat people usually cause their clothes to stretch more, showing signs of stuff below, where as skinny people... the clothes drape on them. Then again, at 6' tall, when I was 197, I still wore a 36 to a 38... and an XL shirt. I'm just a big person in general...
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