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Background. I am currently a college senior, graduating in May with an Economics degree. I have already talked some officers within this dept and it sounds like they like taking college grads not in CJ for thier major. And they have a 6-7 month academy.

I have to write 3 essays (1 page) and I am not a good writer and I need some help picking a major point/points. Ultimitly its going to be my own choice but I would like some input on what they might like to hear.

1) Discuss your interest in and qualifications for becoming a Police Officer with the City.

2) Describe some of your significant life experiences and how these experiences have influenced your decision to become a police officer.

3) The PD serves a diverse community of citizens. Please discuss some of the ways in which you have interacted with or worked with people of different race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national, origin, and developmental/physical disabilities?

I am looking for help mainly on essay 1 but all input would be helpful.
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