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Took it home on friday for a good cleaning (the mags as well) and then took it out before the range for a quick inspection and reoiling along the rails with some Hoppes 9.

Took one of my friends for his first time and brought along my P229 .40 for him. Spent about half an hour showing him some different stances and grips to try out, answer questions and then left him with the Uplula to have fun.

Had 2 failure to loads on the first mag and then the slide didn't lock back after the laground. A failure to eject (casing was clamped by the slide) the second round and another non-locking slide on the mag after that. There were some more random failure to loads and ejects for the next couple of magazines but it seemed to work itself out and the last hundred rounds or so of the 300 were clean.

I was very impressed with how it shot. It was very accurate and even with the factory contrast sights, easy to refocus. I have small/medium hands and used the medium backstrap this time. I'll swap it out for both the other sizes next time and see how it goes as when I tried it at home, all felt decently comfortable.

The trigger pull felt nice, I think it'll get nicer over time. Theres my range report. Very happy with the 460 I paid for it OTD.
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