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My local dealer that I deal with all the time is the best, He is going to take my Glock 23 in trade for a full size M&P 40 with nothing out of my pocket! He is also going to back date the sale so I can get the 2 free mags!!!

Last week I traded my glock 17 I got from him for a M&P compact 9 and paid 160 out of pocket for it, the Mass trigger is little heavy but not gritty like some of you all have talked about.

Now I didn't give all my glocks away still keeping my Glock 19 I do love her very much LOL. But I never really shoot the G23 and thought hey why not get a new full size M&P.

I was thinking maybe get a full size 9mm seeing the ammo price for the 40SW is throw the roof well so is most ammo.

Here are some pic's of the compact.
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