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One word, Awsome. I can really tell where my problems are at now, and I now have no problems with jerking the pistol with the overtravel. I notice I anticipate the shot alot, its something that slapping the trigger wasn't helping. Pretravel was extended, but I knew that was going to happen to clean up the trigger. 4 lbs or lower on my finger scale.

Since the trigger job I'm inbetween the medium and large strap.

Thanks to this trigger I can pull off 50 yard plate shots all day long.


If your going to get the trigger done get the grips done. I am now having a problem picking up my other M&P 40 because of the grip, or lack of, but I want to keep it IPSC and IDPA production/SSP legal. I see a burwell grip in my future.

The high grip texture really helps out alot with the high grip that I use, and I think that is what its designed for, It really makes it easy to position your thumb in the same spot over and over.

The texture isn't to aggressive either, I can carry all day IWB next to my skin without problems.

Forward finger and trigger guard texture are nice for that reminder to keep your finger off the trigger and on the pad. The trigger guard is nice for when your support hand is up in the area, makes for a nice and grippy surface.

Feed ramp and chamber:

I asked David to do his "Reliability Package" IE polishing the feed ramp and chamber. Lemme tell you they shined when I saw them. I would have been proud to eat off that feed ramp. (its dirty now!!) I noticed a difference right away with the way the rounds fed and chambered; Smooth as silk.


The most noticable thing is the finish. I'm SOOO happy with the way it looks. Business all the way. I have been playing with it for 2 days now holstering and unholstering, and it shows no wear. It really slides in and out of the holster nicely now where the melonite was alittle bit gritty. I'm proud to have this great looking pistol.

Rear sight:

Notched the sight for 1 handed operation, blasted it and added a dull black finish. Its perfect untill I get my warren rear sight, and ironically enough David has a couple prototypes and reccomended them to me also.

Front sight:

Had my doubts about the tritium sight, but this sight is really nice on a fighting pistol. The front sight coupled with the dull black really scream "SHOOT HERE" I'm glad David put that on, I'm impressed with it.

Anyone having doubts about tritium, I reccomend it for the front sight.


Nice addition, no one really notices that they are there. I faked a malfunction, and they really helped alot to rip the mag out to get the pistol running again.


Beavertail isn't a waste, but on a CCW I think it is. My hands aren't large enough to warrent the tail, so I asked to take it off. It makes a noticable difference when looking at the pistol in length, and in unholstering with baggy clothing. Highly reccomended.

Slide stop:

I now have a pistol with the new one and the old one. I like them both and will train with them both. I chose to keep the old style on my CCW pistol.

Mag Release:

I asked David to dig out the extra material around the button to make it easier to reach. In the pictures you can't tell that well because of the nice blend he did with the texturing, but the "hump" is gone and man it make a difference. Along with the texture on the button itself and the missing hump it has become so much easier to effectivly press the button.

Melt Job and Slide Radious:

This goes hand in hand with the finish. This really smooths up the pistol making it easier to reholster and withdrawl. Not nearily the friction there was before. Smoother on the hands also.

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If you want the fullsize images let me know the picture and I'll email it to you or post the link.

Or if someone knows photoshop magic and can lighten them up, let me know.

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What did you use to get rid of the white dots on the rear? I've heard rubbing alcohol or acetone on a qtip will get rid of it. Any suggestions?
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