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Pistol "Zero" Standards

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Hey -

New to pistol shooting. Tried out my M&P 40 at the range the other day, couldn't hit a 8 1/2 x 11 paper at 25 yards. Ticked off, I talked to the gun shop, and they said that 25 yds was a tough shot to make. Where I come from 25 yds is really dang close.

I'm used to long distance rifle, and the 25 yard zero standard for the M4 / M16, which is a 1/4" group on a 1" target at 25 yards.

So my question, is there a standard for pistol qualification / zero? Like what size target, distance and group size?

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TexanAviator said:
[quote name='Kazman']

New to pistol shooting.

Could you ride a bike the first time you got on one?

Buy some ammo and hit the range. Take a class if you can as well.


I agree, I was horrible the first couple of times at the range, getting better everyday until a buddy of mine grabbed my full sized and made a fool of me today. Practice, practice and more practice...

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Colt said:
Also remember that the guy at the gunshop wants you to continue to buy things from him so calling you a bad shot, or inferring it by saying you need to practice more, would have been a bad thing.
- Colt

Oh damn, not going there... :wink:

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