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Please Convince me to get the M&P .40

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I am a lefty and am looking for the most lefty-friendly gun I can find. I am down to the M&P full size .40 and the HK P2000 .40. I know and have read about people who swear by both. Besides the $$$ difference, what are some positives about the M&P that would make me get it instead of the HK. I have fired both and they both feel great in my hand. I actually like the slide release better on the M&P than the right-side standard slide release on the P2000. I have heard that the takedown is much easier on the HK (i.e. no key needed), but that S&W product support is topnotch (and much better than HK) and American-made still means a lot to me. These are the kinds of things that will help me choose. Anyway, please knock me off the fence to the S&W side (or the HK side if you're so inclined). I want to make an informed decision, even though I don't think I would regret buying either one. Thanks in advance. Adios.
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Don't get M&P40!

get M&P 9 8)

one thing I can think of is M&P has standard rifling where HK has polyginal...
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You don't need a key to disassemble. Get one, you'll have less felt recoil with the M&P than the HK
You need the MP .40 because it is newer on the market and only the really cool people have them. Just kidding which ever you choose you won't go wrong, I just know that Smith's customer service wipes the floor with HK's.


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Although I am not a lefty, I am an M&P fan. I have the .40 in both full size and compact, and I am seriously considering the 9mm for my wife. She tried it at the dealer today, and really liked the feel. I have found the M&P to be a "good shooter" and the S&W customer service is reputed to be excellent (so far, I have 3 S&W pistols, and haven't needed their customer service!) So, I just don't see a downside to picking the M&P!
Get the M&P. I'm right handed but do a lot of weak (left) hand drills. It works great either way. Besides its the best one. :twisted:
I currently carry a P2000 and will be transitioning to the M&P. The P2000 is a great gun. There is no question it will go bang everytime, will feed everything and and eject faithfully. The tapered slide is nice for concealment as is the size IMO. I actually consider the P2000 more lefty friendly. HK has had a sketchy reputation for customer service in the past but they've made changes and it has drastically improved. So that should be a non issue. The M&P competes with my USP for my favorite shooter. Being a relatively new weapon, it is not as proven, but whatever issues the M&P's have had in general, S&W will be sure to work it out. My P2000 is a V3, so what I like about the M&P as a carry gun is the consistent trigger pull from shot to shot. I couldn't convince you either way, just determine which one is going to meet your needs better than the other.

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Light years ahead in customer service if you ever need it.

Just ask around about H&K service and how bad it is.
madecov said:
Just ask around about H&K service and how bad it is.
Ok well I sent in my USP for some work and had it back within a week with some extra work done that I didn't request nor did I pay for. While HK had it, they called me 3 times to keep me posted on its status. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

DonGlock26 said:

You better buy that .40 or else.

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The Smith is more shooter friendly. The HK is more reliable.

HK customer service has a bad reputation, but you'll most likely never need to use it.

Smith customer service has a good reputation (although my personal experience with them hasn't been great), but it's more likely you'll need to send them your gun.

I much prefer my Smith over my HK. I am much more accurate with my smith, and it feels much better in my hand.

That said, "Do you want a toilet that looks good, or works well?"

In over 5000 rounds, my HK has never had a failure of any kind.

My M&P has had quite a few failures, and is back at Smith right now after 2000 rounds.

My advice: buy 2 M&P's and carry them both. Almost the same price as the HK, and no worries about reliability.
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bobbthompson said:
My advice: buy 2 M&P's and carry them both. Almost the same price as the HK, and no worries about reliability.

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