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Polishing slide/barrel to mirror finish?

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Is that a polished finish or is the slide chromed?
just polished...but the M&P is stainless and would hold up great!
here is another one.......polishing is a common practice on the XD forums lol
Waaal, I dunno, lil buckaroo - - - -

That's mighty purdy - 'specially fur a "sittin on the desk to impress the gals" piece but - - - fer a carry piece thet jes might be needed in outside broad daylight the thoughts of all them sunbeams ricocheting around my eyeballs jes makes my mothers youngest son a tad bit nervous.

Then again - - it just might have a big market as a personal defense piece inside a brothel.

Y'all have a really great day.


PS: Jes kiddin' - - - it is very impressive - - -
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I will have to agree with BlackJack on this one. Sure does look nice, would make a mighty fine conversation piece, but not at all good for outdoor shoots. But hell I might just buy one after the other million firearms that are on my

Looks cool, just not very practical.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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