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In my efforts to bring forth new, well thought and practical products, here's one more pre-order offering from us

This time round it's a brand new product that is the brainchild of our friends at MM & Emdom; something low speed and practical they call a Kit Mat.

Basically it's a field cleaning kit pouch with a 23" x 19" roll up cordura mat attached. No more having to deal with old t-shirts and towels. For some out in the desert, a good surface to field strip and clean your weapons. There are lots of cleaning kit pouches out there, and cleaning mats but now with the combination of a kit & a mat, nor one made as well.

It rolls up into the approx size of a GI cleaning kit when empty. There are two zippered pouches, both will fit GI cleaning rods, and some commercial ones. There's adequate space for spare parts, small bottles, patches - pretty everything you need for a rifle and pistol cleaning kit plus more. There's a big velcro patch in one corner, and four strips of velcro are supplied, two short, two longer. That patch is for putting small parts on, that might easily get lost. The velcro strips are used to keep the parts secure while you're messing around with rest of the weapon.

The mat folds over, and rolls up around the pouches, held in place by shock cord. There is no rattle of the contents.The mat is primarily designed to keep your weapon parts out of the dirt, but it can also be used a small shooting mat for your elbows, or to sit on if it's wet, or even to eat off. you can just throw it in the washing machine if it needs cleaning. The mat and pouches are 1000D coated cordura and the interior of the pouches are 420D.

These are currently in production so here's a chance at first dips. As per all my pre-orders, no payment required. Select Check/MO as payment during check-out and we will contact you once we have them ready to ship for payment info.

Please note that expected delivery (for this pre-order) is somewhere between end of April and mid-May. These will be offered up on a first come first serve basis.

Let me know if you have any Qs and thanks a mil.

Store Link Here - Please use a free shipping coupon for forum code 'dd72ca'.

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