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Problem with my M&P 45

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I had my M&P 45 out last week testing some assorted loads (both factory and handloads) and ran into a problem with it feeding. I have put over 500 rounds through it prior to this and have used some of the same ammo I was shooting this time around and never had any problems. It happened using two different magazines too. As I was shooting, every couple of rounds would strip from the mag and go about half way into battery and then stop. I would give the back of the slide a good tap with my palm and it would close and fire OK. After the first two mags out of a clean pistol had done this, I stripped it and checked the chamber for gunk or anything like that, but it was clear. It continued to do the same thing the entire time I was shooting it. I did noticed one thing, the mags seemed to have a little slop when seated, but I don't recall if it has always been that way, or if it is a new thing. I would not call it excessive by any means.

Does anybody have any ideas at what may have been causing this problem? I shot my 1911 right before, using the same assortment of ammo and it all worked fine in it. I double checked everything again when I got home and found the mags to be a teeny bit dirty, but nothing that should have caused any problems. Would limp wristing cause this malf? I have never had any issues limp wristing before and none of the other pistols I shot that day had any problems.

Any input or feedback would be appreciated.
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What kind of round are you using?

Is it getting stuck on the feedramp?

Have you lubed the slide rails?
It happened with both FMJ and hollow points.

The bullet goes into the chamber, so I don't think it is a feedramp issue. It has never done this before in all the times I have shot it ( 500+) When it jams, the case is about halfway into the mouth of the chamber and the cartridge is at about a 45 degree angle with the bore, if that makes sense.

The pistol was cleaned and properly lubed prior to shooting and double checked while shooting.
It is hard to tell for sure. I just went down and took a dummy round and tried to simulate the jam. I can actually feel it start to hang up right where these pics show. Sorry the pics aren't better, it was hard to hold the pistol with the slide in that position and take a close up at the same time. I tried to get a couple different angles to show too.

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It's hard to see in those pics and diagnose a problem online, but I would first say oversized ammo. Try a few different brands of new factory ammo. If you have this problem still send it to S&W and you will probably get a new barrel since this one may be too tight. Only other thing it may be I can think of off the top of my head is too much extractor tension.
Sorry about the pics, they are pretty bad.

The ammo I was shooting was a mix of handloads and factory, Federal Hydrashok, Federal HST, Remington Golden Saber, Speer Gold Dot, Hornady TAP. I have shot this ammo in it before and never had any problems, that is what is so weird about this. I have never heard of a pistol breaking "out" as opposed to breaking in, lol. Thinking back, I am betting the round count is closer to 1000 rounds, all flawless until this last session.

I hadn't thought about the extractor. I wonder if there is some gunk built up under it causing it to stick? I will have to give it the once over this week.

Thanks for the info.
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I have had two 45's in the shop with the same issue as this. I don't know if your is this but here goes. Both of the ones I fixed had a hard edge on the bottom of the extrator. It was "digging" into the case so hard it would not let the round slide up the breach face. I pulled the extractor softened the corner and polished it and they fed 100%. It is also a good idea to soften the edge where the feed ramp enters the chamber ever so slightly.

Good Luck


David Bowie
After looking it over again, I think that is exactly what was happening. I added a little lube under the extractor and hit the corner of it with a stone and it seemed to fix the "sticky" feeling I was getting. I hope to get it out for a test run this week, but my wife was due yesterday and is still packing the baby around, so who knows how the rest of the week will go, lol.

It still seems strange to me that this problem would have come up this late in the game so to speak. It seems that after 1000 rounds the pistol should be broken in and running like a champ.
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