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Punpkins at the range

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I sunk off to the range this morning with a couple of pumpkins that had been loitering on my porch since before Halloween. I ended up dispatching the pumpkins using several different kinds of .40 ammo. My M&P performed flawlessly. I am not much of an artist; but from 25', I did a decent job shooting out a rough pattern of a jack-o-lantern. The guys at the range enjoyed my handy work before I intoduced the hollow points.

I am just waiting for my wife to figure out the pumpkins are missing. :roll:

Oh well, she's got a good sense of humor...

I am up to around 400 rounds and have had no trouble with a variety of ammo.

Anyway, if you happened to have a couple of pumpkins around, you know what can be done with them....
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I was wondering what to do withese pumpkins. Thanks.
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what did the hollow points do to it? any pictures?
Some of the hollow points really didn't do too much and others knocked out large chunks out the back. On average they were clean in while knocking 3/4" holes out the back. The Winchester from Wallyworld were clean in and clean out for the most part.

The pumkin was very cold and likely partially frozen.

No pictures this time. Next time I'll bring the camera...
Fill them with water for a more desirable effect! :twisted:
The water filled pumpkin is a goood idea..

Anyone else up for the challenge with the camera?
999 said:
The water filled pumpkin is a goood idea..

Anyone else up for the challenge with the camera?

Challange accepted:

This is the 40S&W 180 honady TAP from my full size M&P vs a pumkin filled with water:

This is a second shot at the same pumkin with the same load:

This is the 500mag with a 275 grain Barnes vs water filled pumkin:

Pumkin pie anyone?
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:twisted: KICK A$$

The .40S&W Hornady actaully made the pumpkin jump and I imagine it had some weight with the H20.

Thanks to Dan for stepping up and 'making this post worth while!'

That is just too cool. I was impressed with the second vid. when the pumpkin jumped. However, I did not see the third video coming. All I can say is wow! Thanks Dan
the first one looked like you shot it from the top. where you shooting from where the camera is?
All shots were taken 90 degrees from the tripod mounted camera. I was about 10 yds out of the right side of the picture.

The first one I hit about center of the pumpkin the second I intentionally hit it very low as I wanted to keep it below the waterline. The third I called my shot in the center but who the he!! knows it just vaporized :twisted: I really didn't think the pumpkin filled with water had enough there for the 500 to do much other than punch a hole straight through, Boy was I ever wrong :!:
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I got a good chuckle out of that third vid, thanks for delivering Dan!
Leave it to Burwell to blow things up!

How 'bout some hydrogen filled ballons next?!

Coming soon, Burwell Ballistics!
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I just loved the way the tops blew off... I almost spit my Mt. Dew all over the keyboard.


My CCW instructor let me shoot his 500, all I can say is holy cow. That thing packs one heckava punch!!
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