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Put first 150 rounds thru it..

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Hey all, bought a .40c a month ago, and finally got to the range today. Put 150 rounds of win. fmj's thru it , and am extremely pleased to say, did not have one failure to eject, or fire. This is one sweet gun. My friend who shoots a glock 17 loved it too. His first comment was, he definately noticed less felt recoil, and muzzle jump was strait up, instead of his gun's jump up and right. Sight picture on standard sights was easy to pick up on recovery and refire. Can't wait to get more mags and finger extension's though, the flat mag makes for an odd grip. For me anyway. I think smith has a winner here, and i am feeling very good about making this piece my new primary ccw weapon. Now, all i need to find is a quality leather paddle holster with adjustable cant. If anyone can recommend, i anxiously await your post. May god bless all the poor souls who lost their lives today at Virginia Tech, In Iraq, and anywhere else in this crazy world, where common sense and decency have gone the way of the dodo bird...
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Yeah its great how these guns absorb recoil.
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