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I mainly joined to ask a question. How does the M&P Compact compare to the SW 990L ? I looked at them both today, but could not do a side by side comparison. I'm interested in buying one or the other. As far as caliber - I will probably do 9mm. A local get shop has them both in stock new, and I can get either for about $400 after a special discout I have.

Thanks in advance.

BTW - I also handled the M&P full size. I like the compact better. The slide release is easier to get at, and the compact is a better size to carry.

- Woody

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Plastic sights(990l) VS steel dovetailed, Higher mag capacity, easier mag release.

My father owns a 990L and I'm not very impressed by it. His doesn't have a light rail either and he wishes it did, even if he never used it.
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